About Axis

For over a decade, Axis has shown its dominance in the world of water sports with an ideal blend of performance, quality, style and value. When you become an Axis owner and see the difference, you’ll never go back

What makes Axis the fastest-growing towboat company in the world? It’s about head-turning style. It’s about industry-changing components. It’s about world-class wakes and waves at a tremendous value.

Value is at the heart of every decision made on the Axis brand. Every component has to have the perfect balance of quality, style, and affordability. And of course, it wouldn’t be Axis if it wasn’t user friendly and durable. By building our boats from the ground up with these principles and leaning on DNA from the legendary Malibu brand—the best-selling towboat company in the world—we’re able to make each and every Axis model an ideal balance of world-class wake and wave performance mixed with quality and convenience, all while maintaining the value that helped make Axis the fastest-growing towboat company.


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