Speedboat Operator’s License

Speedboat Operator's License

Diamantides Yachting can support you through the entire process of obtaining the Cyprus government issued and recognized Speedboat Operator’s License by handling all applications for the official DMS exams and offering private/pair courses to prepare for a successful outcome.

As a first step, we will help you obtain the mandatory learner’s license which can be issued same day and apply for taking the exam.

You can then, book your courses with our experienced instructors and prepare for both the theoretical and practical parts,  including being provided the relevant study materials.

Inexperienced learners  need approximately a total of 5 hours before the exam in the suggested form of 2 x 2 hours, plus 1 hour for revising the week prior to the exam. However, we also offer the option of scheduling according to your needs.

Lessons can be booked Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.

For further information and pricing please contact us at administration@diamantidesyachting.com

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