Nautic-Clean Passivation & Rust

Passivation & Rust


The PASSIVATION & RUST REMOVER GEL is the perfect solution to eliminate corrosion, oxidation on surfaces such as:

stainless – steel – alloys – aluminium – chrome.

Acid base gel developed to remove rust, deoxidize, degrease and passivate stainless steel, steel, aluminium. Easily removes rust and its passivating action protects against corrosion. The treated materials look as new.


  • high-speed deoxidising action
  • degreasing action, eliminates various types of dirt
  • Passivating action, protects by chemical reaction against corrosion
  • Gel formula, does not drip and adheres to vertical surfaces, avoids splashing.


We recommend to handle the product with care. Wear an appropriate protective equipment (gloves, goggles / visor, overall and shoes)! It is an acid product.

Passivation & Rust


  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Chromium
  • Steel
  • Alloys

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Nautic Clean’s laboratory has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of cleaning and maintenance products. The products are tested and approved by our professional team and are suitable for all surfaces.

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