Buying Your First Yacht in Cyprus: A Guide for New Buyers

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The allure of the sea, the freedom to travel on your terms, and the embodiment of luxury—owning a yacht offers numerous appeals. Especially in Cyprus, the allure of the turquoise Mediterranean waters makes yachting an enticing prospect. But where does one start when buying a yacht in Cyprus for the first time? This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the process, ensuring your journey into the world of buying a yacht in Cyprus is smooth and rewarding.

The Dream of Yachting in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, endowed with beautiful coastlines, vibrant cityscapes, and a rich historical background. The warm weather, clear waters, and the opportunity to explore secluded bays and bustling ports make Cyprus an ideal location for yachting.

Why Cyprus?

A central location in the Mediterranean, favorable tax conditions, and top-notch marinas have propelled Cyprus to be a go-to destination for yacht owners. The plethora of scenic routes, especially around the areas of Limassol, Paphos, and Ayia Napa, further enhance its appeal.

Understanding What You Need When Buying a Yacht in Cyprus

Every yacht buyer’s journey starts with self-assessment. What are your yachting dreams, and how can they become a reality?

Identifying the Purpose

Is your yacht primarily for family holidays, sailing with a group of friends, or hosting business meetings? Identifying the primary purpose will help you decide the type of yacht you need.

Yacht Type and Size

Motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans or superyachts – understanding their pros and cons will help you choose the right one. Similarly, the size of the yacht will depend on the number of people you usually plan to have onboard.


Remember, the purchase price is just part of what you’ll spend. Operating costs can add up to 10% of the yacht’s value annually, covering fuel, maintenance, and crew wages. Plan your finances wisely.

Navigating the Purchase Process

Once you’ve identified your needs, you’re ready to embark on the purchase journey.

Research and Exploration

You can visit our offices in Limassol, Cyprus, to understand the market and make a proper research. Visiting yachting events and boat shows can also provide valuable insights.

Engaging a Yacht Broker

Working with a reputable yacht broker, like Diamantides yachting, can simplify the process. We will help you find the best yachts that suit your needs and assist in paperwork.

Inspection and Sea Trial

Just like test-driving a car, a sea trial lets you experience the yacht firsthand before purchase. It’s also crucial to have the yacht professionally surveyed to uncover any potential issues.

After the Purchase

Congratulations on your purchase! Now, it’s time to take care of a few more things.

Registration and Insurance

Cyprus offers an efficient registration process for yachts. Moreover, acquiring suitable insurance is crucial to protecting your investment.

Yacht Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your yacht in the best condition. Thankfully, Cyprus has excellent facilities and professionals like us for yacht upkeep.


When you’re not using your yacht, chartering it out can be a great way to offset costs. Our company can manage this for you.

Enjoy the Yachting Experience in Cyprus

With your yacht ready, it’s time to explore the enchanting waters of Cyprus. Enjoy the freedom, the luxury, and the unique experiences that your yacht offers.

Embarking on the journey of buying your first yacht in Cyprus can be a complex process. But with careful planning and expert help, it can also be incredibly rewarding. This guide serves as your starting point. Welcome to the exciting world of yachting in Cyprus! For more information, feel free to contact us here